Oto Sládek — Poetic minimalism

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2 min readFeb 12, 2023

Date: 1. — 28. 2. 2023
Place: Palladium, floor +2 in ZÓNA
Other links: Oto Sladek artist site
Our rating: 🞲 (1/3) — GOOD

A few shots from the installation are below:


The Palladium shopping mall in Námestí Republiky has always been a familiar destination, but many visitors may not be aware of the presence of ZÓNA, located on the opposite side of the food court. This area offers a unique experience with virtual reality and a relaxation room that doubles as an exhibition space.

Visitors to the relaxation room are greeted by an informational panel that highlights the works of semi-professional photographer, cyberneticist, traveler, and poet, Oto Sládek. Born in 1972, Sládek is described as focusing on minimalistic and contemplative photography with occasional forays into graphically driven and color-centric street photography. He cites J.Maisel, V.Birgus, and R.Kalhous as his current photographic influences.

The exhibition features large, square photographs, each accompanied by a short text or poem, earning the description of “poetic minimalism” as coined by Professor Birgus. Sládek’s works are carefully cropped and colored to achieve a specific aesthetic, with the result being highly effective. Purchases of the photographs are not only a way to decorate one’s walls, but also to support the Mobile hospice Ondrášek.

The space is attractive and inviting, although it can sometimes be difficult to fully appreciate the images due to the presence of furniture and other visitors who may be using the room for relaxation. It is important to note that this is not a conventional gallery space, and visitors should be prepared for a different experience. Despite these challenges, the exhibition is well worth a visit and offers the opportunity to make a difference through the purchase of thought-provoking artwork.



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